Our Dental Missions

We are committed to helping people in impoverished regions of the world maintain a better quality of life through better dental health.

Dr. MacDonald's Dental Missions

Dr. MacDonald has participated in three dental missions. The first with a group called Kindness in Action to Peru in 2008, then with a local organization called Dentistry for All to Guatemala in 2016, 2020 and 2023.

While on these missions, he was able to provide much-needed dental care to those unable to attain it elsewhere, due to financial and geographical constraints.

The most complicated procedure he did was to remove a tooth on a patient in a wheelchair with a learning disability, language barrier, and significant dental fear. He was questioning whether he was going to be able to complete the procedure, but thought it over during his brief lunch break and came back, did the work, and left the patient smiling! Although the clinic days can be very long working in tremendous heat, it is worth every moment to be able to receive the thankfulness from the patients, knowing we made a difference in the community and in the patients’ lives, and the camaraderie of the fellow volunteers.

Krista's Dental Missions

Since graduating from the dental hygiene program at Vancouver Island University, Krista has had a passion for giving back through her work. After working with Dr. MacDonald for just a short amount of time, he presented Krista with her first opportunity to do this in 2016.

Together, they traveled to El Remate, Guatemala, with a local Calgary organization called Dentistry for All. On this mission (and using her limited Spanish skills!), she was able to provide critical dental hygiene services to those with limited access to care, and found that their appreciation was incredibly rewarding.

Dr. MacDonald and Krista were fortunate to return to El Remate in early 2020 for another successful mission before the pandemic took hold. They completed six very long, hot clinic days, and Krista was able to provide hygiene services to 17+ patients per day. These trips continually stoke her passion for her dental hygiene career, and she is excited to continue these missions moving forward.

Dr. MacDonald and His Team
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Autism Calgary is an association of individuals and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) striving to assist each other and the broader community so that those with ASD live meaningful and purposeful lives.
Dentistry for All changes lives through dental education, prevention, and corrective treatment. We donate our time and services, freely giving our experience and knowledge to others who are not able to access care.
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