Our top priority is to provide patients with excellent care and a welcoming dental environment to achieve their oral health goals.
What we do?

Our Services

Visit Dr. Brent MacDonald for your oral health care needs. Our general dental clinic in Calgary provides a wide range of dental services including:
Children’s dental care to help keep your child’s teeth as healthy as possible.

Replace missing teeth with a dental bridge in Calgary.

Dental implants in Calgary provide a durable, natural-looking tooth replacement solution.

Protect your teeth from bruxism at night or during high-impact activities with dental mouth guards in Calgary.

Replace many or all missing teeth with removable dentures.

Get the treatment you need when you need it for your dental emergency.
Strengthen tooth enamel and protect your teeth with fluoride treatment.

Gum disease treatment to improve your dental health.

Straighten your teeth gradually with clear aligners.

Preventative dental care in Calgary for long-term dental health.

Preserve your tooth and remove the damaged pulp with a root canal in Calgary.

Sedation dentistry ensures you enjoy a pain-free, stress-free dental treatment.

Dental cleanings remove plaque and bacteria and are a key preventative dental service.

Replace missing teeth with a dental bridge in Calgary.

Restore and protect your tooth with a dental crown in Calgary.

Repair a decayed, cracked, or fractured tooth with tooth fillings in Calgary.

Custom-made veneers to improve the appearance of your smile.

We only recommend tooth extraction when it’s the best choice for your smile.

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